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Full Money Back Guarantee

Complete refund if the delivered products are not as previously stipulated or agreed upon. 


Live Tracking

Regular update of your manufacturing process and live tracking once shipped until it arrives your doorstep.


Product Ideas

We provide you with catalogues from our various suppliers of new and trending styles in your field. 


One of the most crucial aspect of starting or maintaining a brand is not just finding the right manufacturer or supplier, but one that is trustworthy and dependable, i.e pays attention to time. Fashion Manufacturer Supplier not only meets this criteria, but also offers a range of after sale services.

We work together with manufacturers and wholesale suppliers with stock produces both within Europe and Asia and carefully select the befitting ones for our customers. Our range of supported products which we have manufacturers/suppliers for  include:

  • Male and Female Clothing
  • Accessories including sunglasses, bags, jewelleries, shawls, gloves, etc
  • Sport apparel
  • Wigs and Extensions including Human hair wigs, human hair weaves, braid wigs, clip in extensions, hair pieces etc
  • kitchen utensils and equipment
  • Cosmetics including makeup brushes and tools, make up kits, all natural lotions, etc
  • Kids Fashion
  • Home Decoration like curtains, bathroom equpments etc

If the desired products were not mentioned you can contact to see if we have any supplier or manufacturer in this field.



  1. Speedy processing of orders regardless of your location. This ranges between 14 to a maximum of 28 days, depending on the quantity.
  2. Complete and maximum transparency. Once you have decided to work with us, we include you in all the various steps of the manufacturing so you are always updated on the current status of your order and should you need to make altercations, this can be done along the way.
  3. Quality control. We believe if it's not worth doing well then it's not worth doing at all. Our team of over achievers work hand in hand to ensure the utmost quality at the best price and although we have vetted our partner suppliers, we still ensure quality control before shipping to provide you with ONLY the best.
  4. Taxation and Shipping. We choose the most suitable shipping method for our clients based on location and also declare the items to avoid extra taxation charges upon delivery. For some countries however, this might be difficult to avoid depending on the quantity but we guide our customers on how to ensure the charges  are minimal.
  5. Green and eco friendly. When working with us, you can be rest assured that there is no sweat shop involved and we aim to be as eco friendly as possible as we care about our environment.
  6. Vegan Options . As 2 of our team members are pure vegans, you can be rest assured we can provide you with vegan alternatives to leather, fur , etc
  7. Branding. We offer customised label, care tags, packaging etc to give your products a personal touch.
  8. Product Ideas. We send you regular catalogues of stock items related to your branch to enhance your ideas and keep you updated with the latest trend.
  9. After Sale Services. We offer a wide range of after sales services like finding you with a sales rep,website building etc, you will get more information  on this in your welcome briefing.
  10. And if you feel our services did not meet your criteria, which has never been the case, we offer you a full money back guarantee